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Swimming Pool Products

Swimming Pools:-

We would like to introduce ourselves as a fountain, irrigation system & swimming pool equipment installation company. Here at Water Tech India, we design, supply and install all kind of out door / indoor swimming pools both standard & custom built. We hope you may have an adequate space to install these beautiful features to liven the atmosphere.

Micron Fiberglass Filters :-

Micron fiberglass sand filters are constructed from a blow molded inner shell of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin over wound with fiberglass filament. Micron fiberglass sand filters operate on the basis of “depth filtration”, dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of sand. Cleansing the filter simply requires turning the filter’s Multiport lever from the "filter" position to the "backwash position, which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the filter bed.

Supaflo Waterco Spa and Spa Bath Equipment :-

Supaflo is double insulated and hydraulically enhanced to run at minimum noise level, resulting in whisper quiet operation. The Supaflo is an ideal pump for portable spa jet systems.

Chlorination and pH control systems:-

Automated Pool Pump Timer Output A pump timer controls the main pool pump. Chemicals are only added when the pump is running. There is the option of summer, winter, auto and custom modes.
1) Summer mode: pump operates 4 hours in the morning, 4 hours in the afternoon.
2) Winter mode: pump operates 4 hours in the morning only.
3) Auto mode: automatically changes to Winter mode on 15th May and returns to Summer mode on 15th August. (15th November & 15th February respectively for the Northern Hemisphere).
4) Custom mode: allows user to enter 1 or 2 pump cycles per day at times of their choice.
The Automated Pool Pump Timer eliminates the need for a separate pool timer. A battery back-up is incorporated so there is no need to re program it, if there is a power failure.


800 x 800mm Swimming pool exit grab rail is made from Ø 43mm hand polished AISI-316 stainless steel tube. Each swimming pool grab rail is 800mm height and 800mm wide and are supplied as a pair complete with fixing plates, gaskets, screws and rawl plugs.